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Here, you'll find solid restaurant marketing ideas that 90% of your competitors will NEVER figure out.

A bit corny at times, but I like to keep things light hearted and fun.


Restaurant going to hell? Attract customers and increase profits by following the 10-Commandments of Restaurant Marketing.

This simple 4-step formula will dramatically improve the results from every single ad you put out.

Sell more, and charge more by articulating how much the customer gets. So many restaurants screw this up. Don't be one of them.

Increase your average sale - today. Seriously. Learn the psychological triggers that cause people to spend more. This is the EASIEST money you will ever make.

Ever heard of Pavlov's dog? The same principle applies to us. Harness the power of conditioning to build an auto-pilot habit - of ordering from you.

Relying on 3PO providers like DoorDash and GrubHub can be more costly than just the money. Your hard-earned reputation is also on the line.

Upselling customers in your restaurant is a great way to increase your average ticket. But your coupons can also upsell customers before they order online.

Is it possible to drive restaurant traffic with a coupon that doesn't offer a discount? Hell yeah! Watch this video to learn how to do it.