Owning a restaurant can be the most difficult experience you ever have.

Or exceptionally rewarding.

What's it gonna be?

You are entering the no-hype zone...

Hi, I'm Kamron Karington...

Is this bizarre - or what?

One night, while calling to get tickets to the Rolling Stones… I bought a run-down, nearly bankrupt pizzeria (huh?). After losing money for a few months, I woke up one morning with a wild idea. Sales went from $12,000 to $149,000 a month over the next three years. Booyah!

Fun Fact: I am the ONLY person you will EVER know who's been arrested for felony silly string. Read more if you want to...

If you're ready to kick your sales into high gear

(where the money is staggering and the lifestyle options will blow your mind)...

...then explore our two "insider" shortcuts

Kamron Teaching

Teach Me What To Do

Two full, action-packed days of intensive one-on-one training here at my office in Las Vegas. This is a sizzling "hands-on" experience where we'll solve problems, uncover opportunities, and craft a step-by-step plan to drive sales and maximize profits.

FYI: This training is $15,000 and available as my schedule allows.

Heck. Just Do It For Me

SMART Offers (we invented them) are a game-changer. The star attraction of the Repeat Returns Restaurant Marketing Platform.

If you want to make stupid money like I did... then pop over and eyeball my "done-for-you" restaurant marketing platform.

FYI: Repeat Returns is magic for well-run restaurants. It is not a silver bullet for a dog.

Some of the brands we've worked with

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